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LEON Classroom is an online learning platform for children ages 3 to 10 guided by Tutors. We supercharge a Tutor's ability to teach with curated content and Tools. Tutors are paid per session for their contribution.

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Tutors are the

heart of LEON Classroom

Here's what to expect.

Easy to start.

Whether you're already a qualified teacher or a university student, as long as you're good at tutoring, we would love to have you join us.

Earn money.

If you got the skills, we'll help you pay the bills. Tutors can earn an online income commensurate with the hours that they have taught and their reviews.

Anywhere, anytime.

All you need is a laptop or tablet, an internet connection and the spirit to teach! You get to set the time when you're available for classes.

Teach the subjects that you love.

You can choose from our curated library of interactive content to teach your students.

How It


7 Steps to become a full-fledged Tutor!



Review Process.

Your application will be reviewed.


Set Your Availability

Once approved, you can set your available time slots as class slots that people can choose.


You're Advertised.

You're shown to others as an available tutor.

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